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A Cannabis Growers Dream

Never Overwater Again!

Easy set-up, relax and watch her grow...

It's true- Successfully grow any strain, starting with your 1st harvest. 

100% organic growing. Reduces water, nutrient, and labor expenses. Grow-kits from $107 plus shipping.


Discover The Best of Soil and Hydro Growing

Sub-Irrigation Grow Pots

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100% Guaranteed. 

Preferred by Top Growers In USA and Canada

Featured in High Times and Rose Bud Magazine.

No experience needed.

Low startup cost.

Grow envious vegetables, fruits and herbs with ease.

Grow any strain of medical grade Cannabis indoors or out.

Follow our instructions and relax.

No plant babysitting.

Self-watering design, prevents over watering.

Eliminate pesticides because the topsoil is dry.

The black pots in our pictures is a self watering, soil based, hydroponics system introduced to the 420 industry in 2010. At first glance it looks like a regular growing pot. It's not.


  • Reduce veg time and flower time
  • Use less indoor lighting (watts)
  • Produces cleaner, delicious Cannabis
  • Eliminate pesticides (grow organically)  
  • Grows plants faster and healthier (tested by 2 Universities) 
  • Saves money by reducing labor, nutrients, chemicals, water and time to harvest. 
  • Used by 1,000's of serious Cannabis growers in USA, Canada and Europe.
  • Made in California, USA

Plants are never over watered or starved for nourishment. Plants grow as fast as they can without babysitting.


6 pak 420GS grow system

420GS after 6 weeks


Made and Mfg in USA 

6,12,24,48 Pak Grow Kits From $107.

420GS 6-Pak Grow Kits From $107

 420GS Grow Pots Anatomy

Thank you for your interest.  

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Customer Service




Q: What grow systems have you used in the past? 

A: I have used every kind of Hydroponic, DWC, Automatic Drip Systems and used mediums such as Rock Wool, Expanded Clay, Soil etc… without naming brands.

Q: How would you describe your personal growing expertise, how many years you have been growing, past plant counts, etc?

A: I’ve been growing Medical Cannabis since 2007, but I have been a lifetime gardener. Experimenting as a kid has turned into a full time profession. Without placing a number on my garden…I have plants in every stage of life indoors…. and larger plants outdoors which are in the 19″ pots and are currently around 6 to 7 feet tall. Doesn’t seem like I can keep up with the demand….These pots give you all the benefits of soil, benefits from the engineering technology that went into the design of the pots which creates inverted leeching and huge root networks which translate into larger yields.

Audio Posted January 5th 2012

- Shawn, US -

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